Monday, February 23, 2009

The 20 minute challenge

The alarm went off at 3:55 AM this morning for the first time in over a week. I was surprised that I had some energy and I decided to run instead of elliptical (which I usually do on Mondays) because I hadn't yet recorded a treadmill run on the Garmin. Actually I had done that on Sunday but my lack of familiarity with the watch controls caused me to delete the run before it could be uploaded to Garmin Connect. That was annoying but it was only a mile so I didn't care. This morning I ran about 2 miles within my tight 20 minute window. Over the last nine days I became a little spoiled with the amount of time I had to run so I felt some stress to get my distance in today. I didn't get a chance to review my average pace or any other workout data because I had to move along but I'll do that tonight after I upload. I'm concerned that Garmin Connect will only accept the most recent run, unlike the Nike Sportband that would accumulate the runs and upload them in batch. That is until it stopped uploading at all.

Despite the short amount of time I had available this morning I'm happy with my run. Tomorrow I'll elliptical at resistance level of 10. So much for looking forward to easy workouts on elliptical days.

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