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“I love track running. There’s something about that red 400-meter circle that lets my brain switch off—no roads to cross, no bikes to watch out for.” – Kate Carter

Friday, September 5, 2014

Trying to be a stand-up guy

I'll soon be making a stand
Today's run (street): 4.1 miles
Tuesday's run (treadmill): 2.3 miles

My neighborhood is a great place to run most of the time, but at 7:30 AM on a weekday, it should be avoided at all costs. I sort of knew that, but I didn't really have a choice. I work from home on Fridays and that gives me time to fit in a run before I start my day. If I'd tried a little harder, I could have got out at 6:00 and avoided the chaos. I'll have to remember that next week.

7:30 AM is the witching hour for my neighborhood, when school buses are rolling, recycling trucks weave from side to side across the road, landscaping trucks create narrow passageways and sprinkler systems soak runners who take to the sidewalk to avoid all these hazards. I ran cautiously and got sprayed a couple of times.

It was very humid this morning which set the tone for my run. I thought I'd only go out for three miles today, but I started feeling more comfortable as I ran. I added another mile by taking a few more roads and would have done more if I hadn't run out of time.

I spent the day standing at the kitchen island while working on my laptop. There's been a lot of articles written about the hazards of sitting and I tend to do that when I work from home. My office is located in a big wide building with weird architectural features (it used to be a copier factory). There's a long ramp that is used as the main route between floors and steep staircases with 18 steps. I go from one end of the building to the other, multiple times a day. That minimizes sitting time during the week.

Today I received the stand up desk that I ordered for my home office. I'll put it together over the weekend and use it when I work from home on Fridays. After about five hours on my feet today, I felt fatigued. I guess that means it's doing some good. I'll be curious to see if this helps build up my glutes. If so, it could improve my running performance. I can only hope.


  1. I've been standing at my computer for quite a while. I think it improves my strength and posture. Good for you!

    1. Good for us! Do you think it has also helped your running performance? I'll keep you posted on my progress.

  2. I have been standing at my computer for a long time too, but because I want to be in a particular area in the kitchen where i can be central in the house. I didn't realize that standing might have benefits until I read Celia's sister's blog and how she got a stand up desk. I guess it's good, I really can't say whether or not I have benefitted. I just feel more comfortable doing this until I don't. Then I sit down.

    1. I felt comfortable for the most part, but when I stopped, it was a relief. Do you stand on a mat or just the floor? I stood on a wooden floor for about five hours yesterday and it was fatiguing.

      I've lost muscle mass, especially in my calves, since I began running six years ago. I'm hoping standing while I work will help build that back.

  3. I was trying to type this on my ipad, but it would not post for some reason. I was going t suggest that you pad a wood floor with a small throw rug. At times I'll use two. It helps your ankles and low back a great deal. You'll get used to standing. It took me at least a week. I don't know if it's helped my running, but I feel more comfortable getting out after spending my morning being at the computer for so long.

    1. Thanks TPP. I have carpeting in the den but after a couple of hours I can really feel it. The desk is roll-able and lightweight so I'm able to easily move it from room to room. When I use it on hardwood floors, I'm using a carpet mat. If I stick with this, I may invest in an anti-fatigue mat for my long Friday work days.


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