Sunday, September 7, 2014

Do you have running amnesia?

Today's run (street): 4.3 miles

I think about many things when I run, but I rarely remember the details once I've finished. I've heard the same from others, that thoughts while running evaporate soon after a run is completed. It may be due to the fact that we aren't paying attention to our thoughts when we run. It's similar to dreaming. When we dream we're actually experiencing a situation, not creating a memory.

Today was no different and the only things I remember clearly were those situations where my attention was disrupted. I was really looking forward to getting out today after seeing the weather report that said the temperature was in the sixties and humidity was way down. I started my run a little after 7:00 AM when the sun was still low in the sky. That created a blinding glare when facing east and I was careful to pay attention to the possibility of cars whenever I turned in that direction.

I had a few surprises. The first was when I reached the top of a street and saw an unleashed dog coming out of the bushes and heading directly at me. People in my neighborhood are generally good about keeping their dogs leashed, so I was a little alarmed when this happened. The dog was not dangerous - just curious - and its owner soon appeared, saying something like, "He's friendly." I just looked at her and moved on.

Soon after that, I turned left onto a road where my vision was suddenly obscured by the brightly shining sun. It was like a thousand lumin spotlight and I couldn't see a thing. Due to that, I missed a large sprinkler run-off puddle that was directly in front of me and my left shoe got completely immersed. That meant I'd have to do the rest of my run with a soaked foot.

Besides those two experiences, I don't remember much more about the workout and that's fine. If I ever think of something important on a run, I'm sure it will be memorable. I ended up covering just short of 20 miles this week - something I haven't done since April. I seems that my running/working balance is improving.


  1. That's a great count for the week! I'm hoping to get mine closer to 20 if I can extend my weekday runs again!

    1. Congrats on your great race today. You are definitely back into your old performance range. I'm not running competitive paces these days but I've gotten my base into the 5-6 mile range. So you need longer runs and I need faster ones!

  2. Shame on that dog owner!

    As a dog lover myself & IMHO when walking a dog, it should always be on a leash. You never know when a well trained dog may react to a cat, squirrel, etc.

    See you.

    1. I completely agree. I love dogs but I've had a few close calls in Stillwell when I've felt threatened. Once when I was there a big German shepherd jumped and knocked over my (then) 9 year old daughter. It was very scary for her. The owner (on a mountain bike) took no responsibility, even though dogs are banned there.

    2. Did you read that story on FB posted by a GLIRC member about the man who was recently mauled to death by two dogs. Very scary.

      And then...what were we talking about...?

    3. I didn't see the post but I'm always aware of the dangers when I hear a hostile bark while on a run, especially in the woods. I considered carrying pepper spray on trail runs after some uncomfortable moments but never have.

      You were talking about...wait, what was I talking about?


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