Monday, September 1, 2014

Laboring through another humid run

Today's run (street): 3.6 miles

It's been years since Labor Day weekend signaled a return to classes for me, but ever since my kids reached school age the holiday invokes some anxiousness. My kids have had a great summer and they're prepared for tomorrow. They're excited to see their friends, but not for the sudden return to early mornings, long school days and evenings full of homework. This is the last weekend before we close the pool and that always makes me a little sad. But the kids have enjoyed every minute of the day.

September 1st is still summer and the humidity is abundant (94% today). I got out this morning and did a short, flat run around the neighborhood. After yesterday's similar weather, I had no performance expectations on the run. I kept to shadier roads and appreciated the slight breeze that came from the north. Though still slow, I ended up running half a minute per mile faster than yesterday.

I've run every day since Friday, totaling almost 18 miles. No special venues or social running this weekend -- I stayed local but mixed up my regular routes to keep it interesting. I'll likely rest tomorrow and do a treadmill run on Wednesday. Tomorrow is just another work day, but I'm feeling the back to school vibe. I'm hoping everyone has a great day tomorrow.


  1. Wow, you're a trooper! It was HOT today.

    After getting R a backpack for kindergarten at Target (and somehow walking out of there $100 poorer--), I started organizing the little ones' summer and fall clothes and going through the bags of hand-me-downs. It took hours so I never got out for a run. Ugh!!! Tomorrow for sure!

    I miss you guys. How's my t-shirt? Just hanging around?

    1. #1's soccer games are on Sundays this year. This should make racing easier (ha). I'm pretty sure He Is Upstairs Watching TV is going to run Cow Harbor. I won't be racing it for any world records, just enjoying the scenery since I'm seriously out of practice (1st race since Brooklyn). I hope you'll be there too.

    2. Your t-shirt is packed in its bag,patiently waiting to meet you. I was thinking about mailing it to you but I'm holding out hope that we'll reunite the Runsketeers soon.

      You were better off skipping.your run yesterday - awful heat and humidity. Target's air conditioning would have been preferable. I hope the kids have great first days.

    3. Those soccer days seem to start very early (I've been shut out at Stillwell due to no parking by 8:00 AM) so HIUWT may have to be the soccer dad this season.

      I'm really conflicted on Cow Harbor -- not psyched about the racing experience right now. I haven't raced since Brooklyn either. I'm using this week to decide.


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