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“I love track running. There’s something about that red 400-meter circle that lets my brain switch off—no roads to cross, no bikes to watch out for.” – Kate Carter

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A run most perfect

My plans to run in Stillwell Woods this morning were changed in deference to weather. I had hoped to run the trails with my nephew, a member of the local high school track team who trains there regularly. It had rained a lot overnight and we were concerned about the muddy conditions, especially at Stillwell, where the going is tough even when it's dry. Instead we headed out for a road run where we ducked into neighborhood #2 for a few miles before exiting back into the main roads nearer to home to complete our circuit.
We started off in light drizzle and maintained a steady (if modest) pace of 9:30 per mile over 4.3 miles. With the humidity as high as it was that was a smart decision. My nephew was a good sport about keeping my pace although, like AG, his natural pace is faster than mine. What was nice about this morning was that we were both comfortable running and talking throughout the course and that's what made it such a great experience. He shared a lot of information about the way the track team trains and we talked a lot about my favorite related subjects: running shoes, gear and nutrition. About ten minutes into the run I noticed that my foot pod had not paired with my Garmin so it wasn't capturing pace or distance but at least it was capturing timing and that's how we were able to calculate pace, after mapping our route on Google Earth.
We returned just as my wife and kids were coming back from the local bagel store with plenty of recovery carbs and protein in tow. It was a very satisfying and relaxing run and I'm looking forward to many more runs with my nephew. I think I've convinced him to participate with me in the Bridie Goldstein Run for Children 5K that takes place in November. In the meantime we'll attack the hills at Stillwell and the trails at Bethpage State Park. As much as I enjoy the escape and peace that comes with solo running it's really nice to run with others. The conversation and the sense of mutual purpose is gratifying. While I'm still not convinced that I want to join a running club I certainly look forward to my next runs with AG, DaveADK, my nephew, my kids and a few select others. One of these days I'll get to those intervals to work on my speed. In the meantime I'll enjoy the experience of recreational running.


  1. I see you are from long island. I've run many times at Bethpage...very nice place to run. It may be close to your 5k race you are planning in November but I would recommend running the Garden City Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. It's a 5 mile race, gets a great turnout, and being on Thanksgiving Day just makes it a perfect day to run a nice race and be thankful for our health.

  2. The Garden City Turkey Trot sounds great, thanks. I think I'll need to choose one or the other and I'm tempted to try the Turkey because of the turnout and distance. I'm looking at a couple more races in between including a marathon relay.


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