Friday, July 24, 2015

Nothin' doing

I don't know why, but I've been tired and dizzy over the last couple of days. It may be due to an inner-ear thing, or possibly caused by a sinus infection or allergic reaction. I haven't suffered from allergies in the past, but I think I may have recently developed some pollen sensitivities. Whatever the cause, this condition has sapped my energy this week.

I was looking forward to a good week of activity and had enough energy on Wednesday afternoon to do an elliptical session when I got home from work. I was a little dizzy before that workout but seemingly fine afterward. Thursday was rough because the dizziness came back and my schedule was filled with meetings and presentations. Somehow I got through it.

I got a full eight hours sleep last night and expected to go out for a run this morning before I started my work day. Unfortunately the dizzy feeling and fatigue returned and I elected to wait until later, hoping that I'd snap back. By late morning I resigned myself to making this a rest day. I'm hoping I feel better tomorrow. No matter what I do, at least I won't be leaping across and jumping from buildings like SIOR will be doing on Saturday.


  1. Doesn't sound good. I think you should see a doctor.

    You make me sound like Spider-Man. Cool!

    1. That is your gift, your curse. You are Spider man. Watch out for the lasers.

      If this doesn't go away tomorrow I'm gonna get checked out.

  2. I'll bet the dizzy-ness is weather related. Drink lots of fluids during your runs and afterward. Do you use Gels? They are good for extra electrolytes. I like Hammer. They are one of the only Gels that are vegan.

    1. I haven't had much success with Hammer gels and I don't think I've used any gel in over a year. I made sure I maintained my hydration today. So far so good.


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