Sunday, July 26, 2015

High visibility bargain

Orange you glad I bought this
Today's run (street): 4.25 miles

I spent an awful lot of time talking myself into running this morning. If I'd just headed out early, before all the heat, sun and humidity, I would have been a lot more comfortable. By the time I was ready to go, we were hit with a deluge of rain. I had another cup of coffee while I waited out the storm. Once the skies were clear, I was able to go out. But by then, I just didn't feel like running.

Somehow I managed to make my way out the door. I planned to keep it simple and follow my one-mile loop as many times as I could stand it. As it happened, I could only stand it once. I changed my route and followed Jericho Turnpike west, going past restaurants and shopping centers before cutting back into the neighborhood. By the way, if you're looking for a bargain, Rare 650 is offering a steak special for two - only $99.99!

Speaking of bargains, I found a better one at SA Elite this afternoon. It's my favorite running store, full of great discounted running clothes and shoes. For some reason there's never many customers and every time we go there I expect to see that it closed. My wife found a hi-viz ASICS packable running jacket for $16. Although I have a decent running raincoat, it's a size medium and a bit snug. It functions better as a waterproof windbreaker and I always keep it in my work backpack. I ended up buying the ASICS jacket in orange  -- size large.

I was glad that I managed to talk myself out the door this morning. Even though it's been a low mileage week, I felt good about all my efforts This is going to be a busy work week and I'm hoping to fit in another mid week workout. And if it rains, I'm covered.


  1. Nice jacket! I always thought SA Elite was the more expensive version of Sport Authority. Apparently, I was wrong (such a strange feeling. I'm so not used to it).

    Good for you for getting out there! As "they" say, you never regret a run. As you know, I did not. I'm more sore than if I had gone out on a long run. I probably shouldn't have done an 8 mile warmup run before the Mudder. I don't feel as guilty for missing the run as I thought I would. The beer helped.

    1. SA Elite should fire their marketing people.

      You did 8 before the UM??? No wonder you're exhausted today. Since you didn't feel up to the run today it was the right decision. In fact it's the type of decision that most people would make while drinking beer.


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