Thursday, February 5, 2015

New shoes and nowhere to run

ISO excited!
It's a little ironic that my new Saucony Triumph ISOs came today. They look cool and my first impression of them is that they feel great. Unfortunately, all the snow we've had during the past two weeks makes outside running seem too risky. The treadmill has always been my alternative to the road, but that's no longer a viable option. Until we have a thaw or we get a new treadmill, the Sauconys will have to wait.

I'm excited about the Triumphs. They look to be the trainers I've been hoping for. My ASIC Kayanos, a similar type of running shoe, have been a disappointment. I can already tell that the Sauconys will provide a greater balance of energy and comfort than the ASICs and I expect that I will like them a lot.

With temperatures expected to stay around freezing this weekend, it looks like my only opportunity to try the Sauconys will be when I'm using the elliptical.


  1. Yaktrax. I'm really enjoying my runs in the snow and ice. You could, too. They sell them at Dick's. Much cheaper than a treadmill.

    1. Or shovel your local route. You're not going to let a high school girl outdo you, are you?

    2. I really should get Yaktrax but I still won't run in my neighborhood until I can get onto the sidewalks in emergency. I don't trust the drivers.

      Will Yaktrax work on the ice and snow we see on the Bethpage trail?

    3. It's for packed snow. I have been running mostly on the sidewalks in these conditions.


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