Sunday, January 18, 2015

Slipping and sliding, inside and out

Unstable on every surface
Today's run (street/treadmill): 5.1 miles total [1.5 street, 3.6 treadmill]

Per yesterday's post, I've fallen into a distance rut by keeping every run in 2015 (but one) under 4 miles. Some of that is related to the sciatica I've recently developed and my concern about aggravating its root cause.  Other excuses factors included a very busy period at work and a tight schedule on weekends.

I was determined to cover at least five miles this morning. The early weather reports said that today's rain wouldn't start until after 10:00 AM. I figured that starting at 8:00 AM would mean dry and clear roads. That was true for the first few minutes, but then a light rain starting falling. I was okay with that, but the 35° temperature made the road slippery underfoot.

I tried to tough it out, but the risk of falling increased as the rain fell harder. I decided to head home rather than deal with a dangerous, unstable surface. Disappointing, but a practical move. I immediately headed upstairs and got on the treadmill to complete my workout. The 1.5 miles outside warmed me up enough to start fast. Unfortunately, like the road, the treadmill presented a slippery situation.

Our Sole F63 has a lot of problems and one of them is that the tread belt jerks randomly, especially when the speed is increased. My desire to get through a treadmill run as quickly as possible is limited by this issue. Slipping at race pace can be scary. As a consequence, I keep the speed around 6 MPH and deal with it.

I managed through 3.6 miles on the Sole on top of what I covered during my outside run. I exceeded 5 miles for only the second time since New Year's day. We haven't had nearly as much snow this January as we did last year, so I may catch a break next weekend and put in some mileage. I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow, but I'll do something.


  1. I had the same experience yesterday. It got really slippery and I had to run slow to stay upright. I wish I had a treadmill. Maybe it's time to join a gym.

  2. I've discovered that owning a treadmill has its limitations but it's a lot more convenient than having to drive to the gym all the time. We need to replace our treadmill soon and it would probably be a lot cheaper to join a gym.

    1. Running to the gym is even better because it lessens the time on the treadmill. I need to amp up my mileage as well. I'm hoping to be up to 40mpw by the time I start marathon training.

    2. Are you doing any other marathons this year except NYC (fingers crossed)?

    3. I am hoping not to get into the NYC lottery so I can run my first choice, St. George. If I get into St. George, then I would like to run NYC with Achilles. Get it?

    4. Yes. But I needed a grownup to explain it to me.


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