Wednesday, December 24, 2014

T'was the day before Christmas

My view of the world
Today's run (street): 3.9 miles

T'was the day before Christmas and boy did it rain,
   And running in showers is really a pain;

My new ASICS raincoat turned out to be good,
   Mostly because it's equipped with a hood;

I took all precautions so that I'd be visible,
  My outfit was flashy and probably risible;

My route was kept local in case it was pouring,
   Three loops near my house, but it never was boring;

There were few on the street, all due to the raining,
   Just me and the roads, but I wasn't complaining;

The weather got soggy, so after a while,
   I capped off my run at just under four miles;

Tomorrow is Christmas and less rain would be fun,
   With conditions ideal for a Christmas day run;

I hope Santa is listening on this gloomy gray day,
   That bright sunny skies are really the way;
I plan to get out no matter the weather,
   But after today it just has to get better.


  1. ER the wet nosed runner,
    had some very oddball clothes.

    And if you ever saw them,
    you would even say, "Oh no!"

    All of the other runners
    Used to laugh at his shorts/tights, so lame.

    They never let poor ER
    join in any running games.

    Then one foggy Christmas eve,
    Kanye came to say,

    ER with your pants so tight,
    won't you guide my race tonight?

    All of the other runners loved him,
    As they shouted out with Gu

    ER, the wet nosed runner,
    you'll go down as one cool dude!

    1. That is really good! With the exception of me ever having any association with Kanye, I think it will go down as a Christmas running classic.


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