Friday, November 14, 2014

Layered up for a surprisingly good run

Today's run (street): 3.25 miles

I had the opportunity to get out early today, but I squandered my time and ended up sneaking in a run between business calls. I got a lot done before I went out, but came very close to missing my window for a morning run. I'm an early-bird and really didn't want to have to go out late in the day. After seeing that the current temperature was hovering around 35°, I piled on the layers and scooted out the door.

It was chilly, but not freezing, when I finally got outside. I was afraid I'd dressed too warmly and would later regret the hat and gloves I was wearing. I ended up keeping them on and (happily) never felt overheated during the run. It's supposed to get even colder this weekend.

It wasn't until I reached my first quarter mile that I realized I had decent energy. I spotted a runner a few hundred feet ahead and realized that I was going to pass her quickly. I wasn't setting the world on fire this morning, but I was moving faster than usual. I ended up improving 40 seconds per mile over Tuesday's run. A couple of fartleks near the end helped that along.

I considered wearing my new Opedix Knee-Tecs today, but I'm saving them for tomorrow when I meet my buddies to take on a particularly hilly course. My friend KWL, who ran a strong race at the NYC Marathon two weeks ago, will be joining SIOR, TPP and possibly others. I know it will be a challenge for me to stay with this fast crowd, but I'll try my best.


  1. Good for you! I ran slower than I expected today. I'm glad you had a positive experience and finished strong.

    I wore a hat and gloves, too. I took off my gloves mid-run, but kept the hat. I'm about to pick out my clothes for tomorrow.

  2. I'm getting my stuff ready now too. I'm thinking two top layers, hat, gloves, gator. Long pants that are NOT Opedix (what? why not?)

  3. I recommend tights and running shorts. But that's just me : )

    Well we both got our runs done this morning so we are great. I'm a little intimidated by the hills and gang of speedsters tomorrow. Be kind...

  4. Yes. That's just you.
    I should wear a skirt over my tights.

    1. That would be a better look than running shorts.

    2. I'm wearing my awesome Mizuno tights, no shorts, two long sleeve top layers, hat, gloves, mid calf socks, and my asics.

      Peter, I'll bring the Daisy Duke jorts you've been coveting.

    3. Thanks - that will be an awesome match with the Opedix.


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