Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Half training is coming together but I'm running out of road

Today's run (street): 5.8 miles

Busy route
I had hoped that yesterday's speed workout would spill over to today's base run, but that didn't happen. Right now I'm experiencing a gap between speed and distance. I can do one or the other, but not both. I'm trusting that it will eventually all come together. Today I focused on getting in my miles and had another good run. Good, but not fast.

Now that I'm getting beyond my usual training distances it's becoming harder to plan longer routes in my neighborhood.  I got around those limitations on Sunday by running the same loop multiple times. I couldn't face doing that again, so I played it by ear and hit almost every road, some of them two or three times.

It wasn't a particularly stimulating route but I did see lots of Town of Oyster Bay workers fixing roads. I guess it really is spring. I also ran by a woman sitting in her car brushing her teeth and spent the rest of my run wondering what that was all about. I ended up running longer than planned, but not by much. Tomorrow's workout is 3 miles plus strength training. I may not be hitting my ideal pace on long runs yet, but I'm feeling good about my training right now.


  1. GMTA! I just lifted yesterday after work for first time in a long time! What kind of strength training will you do? I'm convinced all speed/distance will come together for you! I think that mileage for you is good. Maybe after the half you can start making that distance your shorter run distance. After a few weeks of those, 3 miles will seem like a run around the block. I wish we could just magically switch neighborhoods for a couple of runs. I'm so tired of running around here too.

    1. You should come run here, although I suspect your neighborhood is more interesting. Especially with the option of running near the water.

      You are so right about boosting my standard run distance. 3 milers do not build endurance. Thanks for the confidence in terms of my training coming together. It worked for my last Half, and I'm doing much more speed training this time.

  2. I figured spring was officially here this morning when I had to break a good 5 or 6 times before getting out of my neighborhood due to crazy squirrels LOL

  3. If you read SIOR's latest blog post you'll understand why those squirrels are so crazy.


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