Monday, March 10, 2014

Treadmill 220's, surprisingly fun

220m intervals with 70 second recovery jog
Today's run (treadmill intervals): 3.2 miles (16 x 220m, 1 mile warm up/cool down)

Although you wouldn't know it by looking at my Garmin data from my weekend runs, I have turned my attention back to performance running. It isn't without irony that, despite my now-clear neighborhood streets, I did my first speed workout this year on the treadmill. My preference would have been to do this on the track, but I was reluctant to risk being hauled off by security for trespassing at the high school.

I normally take Mondays as my rest days but I really needed to focus on my readiness. If the weather holds, I'll be racing on Saturday with the Runsketeers. I didn't intend to take as much time as I ended up needing for today's workout, but it was good that I did. My plan was to start with a half mile warm up at about 9:30 a mile and then run 12 x 100m before finishing with a mile cool down. I discovered that running intervals on a treadmill can be difficult. This is because the machine lacks the hard start/stop precision of the track. I had to account for the time it took the treadmill to get up to full speed each time.

As a result, I decided to run 220m repeats instead of 100's. I'm not confident of the accuracy of the speed displayed on the treadmill, but I set it 25% faster than what I usually run on the machine. I averaged 67 seconds for the 220's (about an 8:10 pace), after factoring in the starting lag.

I started and ended today's session with regular running. I bumped up the speed on the cool down to take advantage of the fact that 6.5 MPH feels a lot easier after pushing close to 8 MPH for twenty minutes. I was surprised that my heart rate averaged only 81% of max overall. Perhaps 67 seconds isn't enough time to go up from 64% (heart rate during recovery cycle). I'm sure that if I was doing 400's at that pace I'd be in the red zone by the end of each repeat.

Treadmill intervals were more fun than I expected and I hope this was a good way of reactivating my speed. I may do another speed session on Wednesday before my mini taper. Running fast is fun. I wish I could remember that more often.


  1. Yes! Playing with the speed on the treadmill is challenging and fun and makes the times go by much quicker.

    I'm psyched about Saturday! I'm thinking I should refuse all drinking invitations the night before. No one ever asks me to have a drink, except if it's the night before a race....

    1. You usually win a podium spot, so maybe we should all drink the night before.

  2. It does break up the boredom.. but I'm happiest that you've decided to get speedier! We have to decide who's running what leg..

  3. One of you needs to be the relay anchor and I'll be the boat anchor.

    1. I don't think the family can make it. Sav has her first soccer scrimmage at 11, then my son has his First Reconciliation at 12:30. I will be there Han Solo.

  4. Oh, too bad. You'll just have to hang with us then!


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