Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Return to a real workout

Today's run (treadmill): 3.25 miles

Colds are funny. No matter their severity, they all seem to follow the adage, "Three days coming, three days staying, three days leaving." An impending cold signals the start of an uncomfortable week. Bad decisions are often made (certainly by me) about how far to push myself after the first symptoms appear. I questioned whether it was wise to run 6.7 miles two Sundays ago, when it was clear that I had started a cold. But if that had an effect on this cold's duration, it was a minor one.

Aside from some residual stuffiness, this cold has pretty much passed. I decided to ease back into running during the "leaving" phase, with extremely easy workouts. This morning I felt close to full strength and went back to my usual routine. I'll admit that I picked a program on the lower end of the performance scale, but it was a legitimate workout.

My concern was that resuming a normal training pace too soon would tire me out before I could finish the run. I had a moment around the first quarter mile when I wondered whether I'd taken on too much too soon. Happily, that didn't last long. Although the rest of the run felt long, it was completely manageable. My other concession to recovery was forgoing the anaerobic sprint I usually do for the last quarter or eighth of a mile.

The best thing about today's workout was knowing that I'm ready to train again. I'll take it fairly easy over the next week and hopefully see some pavement this weekend.


  1. By pavement, do you mean the streets of Huntington?

    1. Undecided at this point, but I think I need more recovery time.

    2. If you're not up for racing, you can treat it as a fun run. Burn some calories to make room for that pint...

    3. I think I'll forgo it and focus on getting to full strength in time for the relay that (hopefully) will still happen).

  2. Replies
    1. We'll see how I feel after racing 4 miles at the ocean in the cold. I would like to run with you guys. Maybe I'll get a second wind.


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