Friday, February 21, 2014

Tuning up for an outside run

Foggy view from the treadmill
Today's run (treadmill): 3.3 miles

This has been a great week with the kids being off from school. I've had to work on projects, but I've also had a good amount of family time. My business in the city yesterday produced the need to do lots of work today. I didn't get to run on Thursday, but I covered a few miles on foot. I'm loving those gel insoles.

I'd hoped that this morning would provide an opportunity for me to finally get outdoors and run. However, the snow hasn't melted much and there was a thick fog that was produced by a rapid change in temperature. Both of these things made street running too dangerous, so it was back on the treadmill. I no longer curse my fate as I look outside at the still-icy roads. I know I'm fortunate to have the option to run indoors.

I'm planning to run with my Runsketeer buddies on Sunday, so I tried to up my game in terms of speed. I've been extremely complacent in terms of performance and I shocked my body a little by doing a progressive speed run. This treadmill regimen has taken me out of race shape so I hope I'm able to keep up with the "twin turbos" this weekend. I usually do better on the road than on the treadmill in terms of pace, but the last time I ran on pavement, my legs did not like it at all.


  1. I like Turbo Twins! It makes me think, "Wonder Twin power, activate! Form of Paula Radcliffe, shape of Kara Goucher..."

  2. You guys do take off like the Wonder Twins. What bothers me is how easy you make it look.

  3. I wonder how 'turbo' I'll be after running on a treadmill for the last 3 weeks.
    Go Runsketeers!

  4. You'll do great. We've all been relegated to that monster to different degrees over the past couple of months. I'm concerned about it too, but we'll have fun.


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