Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hey, remember me?

Hence, the treadmill
Today's run (treadmill): 3.25 miles

It's been a few days since I last posted due to both a lack of time and subject matter. It's Thursday and my grand total for the week is three and a quarter miles. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent in the city. Those days started early and went late and I didn't have an opportunity to work out. I covered plenty on miles on foot, so that counts for something, right? Most of that walking was done at a brisk pace due to the face-freezing temperatures that were caused by head-on winds.

But I write about my running, and not my walking (generally), so I didn't have much to post. I suppose I could have written about my meetings, but this blog isn't The Emerging Business Guy. I've felt weirdly out of the running loop, especially since the Runsketeers were due to dominate on Saturday's trail relay and there were probably things to discuss. We learned that the race was canceled due to the two feet of wet snow that's being dumped on us right now.

I have to admit that I'm partially relieved that this race has been postponed until March. I have not trained well for the Bethpage relay that requires full tilt running for two miles. All the treadmill running that I've been doing has taken away whatever edge I had. My treadmill sessions haven't been as performance oriented as an equivalent run on the road. My experience on Sunday, running on pavement for only the fourth time in 2014(!), revealed a conditioning gap caused by a lack of road time.

Today's run was on the treadmill, due to the foot-plus of snow already we've received. I'd shoveled in the morning and I suspect that explains the lack of focus I had on my run. I ran at my normal speed but I felt detached and unconnected the whole time. On the plus side, I got in my first run after three days off, but I'm definitely not in the zone. I'll blame it on the weather and look forward to the clear roads and warmer temperatures that will eventually come. Unless we've just begun a new Ice Age...


  1. Noooo!!!! I am a warm weather person. I will never survive an ice age (or I'll survive, but be miserable the whole time).

    This has been a tough training cycle, for sure. More motivationally speaking. I just can't get into it. Maybe I need to race more.

    1. I think the ice age is giving way to the slush age today.

      I feel the same about motivation. But that's what friends are for! We really should do another group run. I thought Saturday might work for that, but now they're talking about another 2" to 4" snow tonight.

  2. Karl said that they routinely clean the Caumsett trail. Maybe we should think about running there?

    1. Yes - Caumsett is nice (and hilly). I wonder if it's all trails or just the main loop. Either way, worth a try.


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