Friday, November 22, 2013

Walking the walk because of the work

Love the concept
I'm wondering if my intense focus on work this week is what's causing my leg heaviness when I run. Last week, all my runs had good energy leading me to believe I was heading in the right direction in terms of race readiness. Both Tuesday's and Thursday's runs were disappointing and uncomfortable. I blame this week's work process because, in terms of activity, the past two weeks have been very different.

Last week  I spent every day moving, with a couple of high mileage days walking in the city on top of my running. This week it's been mostly conference calls and working on my laptop in my home office. It's important that I do it, but it's terrible in terms of movement. After a few days of tense muscles and not enough exercise, it's no wonder that my legs feel this way.

This morning I took a mid morning break and used the treadmill (it was cold and rainy outside). Instead of running, I set the speed to 4 MPH and walked about 40 minutes. No stress and no sweat, but it was a good way to shake out my leg muscles without straining them. The day grew intense after that, so I'm glad I took the opportunity when I had it. I'm thinking of doing another 30 minutes as I wind down the work week. There's a fine line between conditioning for fitness and honing the fitness that you have. I'm hoping that this taper strategy works for me on Sunday.


  1. My sister walks and sometimes even runs on the treadmill while doing computer work. I don't know how she does it. I think my problem is that I wear progressive lenses. All that vertical movement screws with my vision.
    Did your legs feel better after the walk?

  2. I think the idea of treadmill working and walking is better as a concept than an execution. I couldn't do it either, for the same reasons.

    The goal of my morning walk (and a second one later) was for muscle recovery more than fitness and I believe it did help. I'm going to try to move as much as I can tomorrow as well.

    While I was on the treadmill the second time it occurred to check that I'd registered for the race. Turns out I didn't (shades of Oyster Bay 5K) but I corrected that and now I'm good to go.


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