Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The hard running continues, although that wasn't the plan

Today's run (treadmill): 3 miles

Yesterday's run was fun, but it was also tough. I felt worn out afterwards and wondered how I'd feel this morning. There was no question that I'd do a workout but I didn't think two tough runs in a row would be a good idea. I needed to get into the city, so time was short. Although the weather was spring-perfect, I opted to run on the treadmill to save time.

I ran fairly slow yesterday, so I set the pace a little faster today. I had little trouble maintaining my speed, but I felt like this might end up being a tedious run. I was surprised when I saw that I'd passed the ten minute mark and, before I knew it, I had done ten more. I was in danger of missing my targeted my finish time, so I increased my speed by 2/10ths of a mile every minute until I finished.

That ended up being a very hard run and I was concerned that I'd pushed myself too much. I needed to be alert for the business conversations that lay ahead. I ended up rebounding well and had a great lunch with some industry friends, one of whom will be running the Marcie Mazzola 5K with me, along with the Dirty Sock and Cow Harbor 10K's. After ten challenging miles over two days, I think I may go for an easier workout on Thursday.

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