Thursday, June 13, 2013

Run turned back at the driveway

Today's run (treadmill): 3.2 miles

I watched the garage door rise to reveal a rain covered driveway this morning. It had looked dry from the window, but that was obviously an illusion. I wasn't interested in running in rain-soaked conditions that would obscure my vision and saturate my shoes and socks. I turned around and headed upstairs to wait for my wife to complete her treadmill workout.

Today's schedule was tight and I wanted to get in my run before I got caught up in business calls. I've been fighting a mild chest cold and could have used that as an excuse to skip my workout. I figured that I should at least try a run and see how it felt. I wasn't looking to push myself too hard after a couple of hard runs on Tuesday and Wednesday. I did pretty well, but I skipped the progressive speed increases.

I'm getting closer to my next race and I know I should begin tuning my runs towards speed. I'm not sure which approach to take: intervals or tempos. I can't really do speed work at the track during the week because school is still in session. If the weather is clear over the weekend, I may head to the high school. I think all the hill running I've been doing is helping to build my fitness, but I don't know if it's also helping my speed.

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