Wednesday, May 8, 2013

When the treadmill is a welcome change

Treadmill redemption
Today's run (treadmill): 3.1 miles

This morning started out gray and rainy, and I wasn't looking forward to trekking to the city. I planned to run early and then head for the train mid-morning. Some unexpected scheduling changes allowed me to avoid going in at all. That worked out very well for me, because it allowed me to make some progress on a new consulting job. I ended up using a treadmill run to force a break from my work.

I don't love every run, but I always look forward to running outside. That's especially true on weekends, when I have the time to travel to places more interesting than my neighborhood. At the bottom of my list is the treadmill, and I think it's because the experience provides no feeling of progress. Worse is when I when I crank up the speed. Like the saying goes, it's like going nowhere fast.

Today was different, the intensity I was giving to my project needed to come down a few notches. I was actually looking forward to getting on the treadmill to spend 30 minutes not thinking. The time went by fast for a change and I felt great when I was done. After a quick shower and lunch, I was back to the laptop. As good as that was, I'm hoping for better weather tomorrow so I can take my running break outside.

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