Friday, May 24, 2013

A glimpse (perhaps) of another emerging runner

Two routes to a healthy life
Today's run (street): 3.25 miles

This morning I noticed a guy walking around the neighborhood while I was out running. Everything from his noticeable gut to his white New Balance walking shoes reminded me of myself, five years ago. My journey from a sedentary life to being a runner started with early morning walks around the neighborhood. That routine led to walking with some running, then running with a little walking. After six weeks, I was just running.

I don't know this walker or his story, but I admire him for getting outside and moving. I have no idea if he's been a dedicated walker or whether he has plans to transition to running. One thing that walking did for me was reinforce the benefits of of an active lifestyle. I lost 30 pounds between August and November of 2008 and half of that weight came off before was exclusively running.

This week I've struggled with a cold and decided to forgo yesterday's workout. During my run today, I thought about that cold and realized that I was recovering fairly quickly. I wondered if my running had helped me hold off colds in the past, and if my immunity was stronger because of running.

I completed my run and noticed that my overall time was nothing special. I'd taken it easy in deference to my still present (but diminishing) cold and I think that was a good decision. I know that running keeps me in good shape and it might just be keeping me healthy. I'd like to think that the walker I saw will follow my path and get to his ideal level of fitness. Whether it's by running or walking, the end result will be a happier life.


  1. I'm jealous you got your run in yesterday! I was a lazy schlub and then it rained. Probably no run today, either.

    I love seeing somewhat overweight/out of shape people out there walking/running too! I love that they're making those first steps. Maybe those aren't their first steps, but they're taking those steps and that's all that matters. Respect.

    As far as the immune system is concerned, I think it helps except in the case of marathon training. Toward the end of a training cycle, I think your body is so worn down, people tend to get sick.

    Anyhoo (did I just type that?), enjoy the rest of your weekend! Sun tomorrow!

  2. I did get my run in yesterday but I worried the whole time that I'd get caught in a downpour.

    From what I read about marathon training, it is punishing to the body. My half marathon training, which is far less intense, still took a toll.

    Have a great weekend as well. Are you planning to try a run on the Greenbelt?


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