Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One last run before rest and race

Not exactly an ocean side paradise
Today's run (street): 3.65 miles

I'm no longer getting up at 3:30 AM. On average, I'm getting an additional two hours of sleep every night. That means seven to eight hours, versus the five or six I had before. I would often supplement my sleep with a 20 minute nap on the train in the morning, but all together, my net rest time is far improved. The downside is that I'm still getting to bed around the same time as before so it's been taking me longer to fall asleep.

Mornings feel very different these days. Instead of the blur of activities that began with the bleating of my alarm, followed by a fast change into running clothes (and then a run), I can enjoy the morning at a leisurely pace. The quiet darkness at 5:30 AM goes well with a cup of coffee and the local news. The only downside is that it takes me forever to actually get outside or on the treadmill if I don't have the pressure of the clock.

This morning I spent a long time preparing for what was my last run before my race. My wife couldn't believe how much I was stalling. It wasn't that I didn't want to run. It was just so cold and windy that I didn't want to go outside. I decided that I'd finish the taper with an easy run and I used that as license to wear extra layers to stay warm.

Running the neighborhood at 8:00 AM is a different experience than when it's still dark. There are far more cars and school buses to avoid. I took it easy from the beginning and ran my distance at a fairly slow pace. The battery in my HRM must have run out of power, because I wasn't getting any readings. I sweat a minimal amount across the almost-four miles, but that may be due to the near-constant winds. I am glad that I'd bundled up and worn a wind-blocking layer.

I'm finished with running until the race, and I'll enjoy resting until then. I may do a light elliptical workout and/or a core session during this period, but I'm done with hard stuff until I'm at the starting line. Right now, they're predicting 25 MPH winds and a 70% chance of rain in Long Beach on Saturday. Cold, wet and windy. Sounds like fun.


  1. I am running the Snowflake race on Saturday too. I read your review from last year. Good info. Thanks. I'm glad the race won't be on the boardwalk. Do you know if it's a point-to-point race, a loop, or out and back? Just curious about parking.

    I have a running blog that I just started. I have the "70% chance of rain" on there too. Hopefully, we'll beat it.

    Here's my blog:

  2. Hi ASE. The Snowflake is a loop that starts across the street from the school where registration is held. In the past I've been able to park in the school lot but last year I needed to park on the street. If you get there early you should be fine getting a spot.

    The course, for the past two years, has been run on the roads. This was due to snow conditions. They were concerned that the boardwalk would be too slippery. The course is a loop, a big rectangle. Two miles east with a turnaround and two miles back. Flat and fast.

    Last year the weather made conditions tough but you just need to dress for freezing rain. Good luck on Saturday.

    I like your blog!

  3. Ugh! Freezing rain?! I did the City manager's 10 Mile race in LB last Memorial Day weekend. It was a downpour the first six miles, but at least it was warm.

    Thanks about the blog. I'm new at it and not really computer savvy so I don't have many bells and whistles. It's fun, though.

    Good luck to you, too!


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