Friday, February 8, 2013

Blizzard conditions outside and hard running inside

Ready or not, here it comes
Today's run (treadmill): 30 minutes

The snow is upon us and, as the local weather guy just said, "You ain't seen nothing yet." The wind is blowing and I'm worried about losing power. Despite all the contingency planning, I have little reason to believe LIPA and National Grid will be up to the task. I'm glad we have a generator that can power a hot plate and heater (plus TV, laptop, phone, and coffee machine) but I'm hoping we won't need to do that.

It wasn't snowing when I was ready to run this morning, but conditions had already turned unpleasant. The wind was building and there was intermittent rain. My wife did her daily treadmill workout and I followed her once she'd finished. Due to the weather, I had no intention of going into the city today. I was able to conduct a lot of business from the comfort of my home office/guest bedroom/fitness room.

I got right into my run, starting at a brisk pace and speeding up further as I got closer to the end. It's true that the more you run faster paces, the easier it is to maintain them. I don't think the treadmill display is close to accurate. A 9:30 pace feels super fast and a 9:00 pace feels like a sprint. Technically, I ran a 9:19 pace, but it felt harder than the 8:45 I ran outdoors a few days ago.

I may do a combination elliptical and treadmill workout tomorrow. If we don't have power, my only option will be the elliptical without display or resistance. I'm hoping that we'll get through this storm free of disruption to both power and running.

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