Sunday, December 30, 2012

Taking the warmer option on a windy and chilly day

Today's run (treadmill): 30 minutes

It's been a busy day catching up on errands and taking care of things around the house. The winds have been blowing hard all day, and the temperatures have stayed below freezing. I decided early in the day to follow my wife on the treadmill, where I did 3+ miles (I always question the accuracy of the treadmill's display) at a decent clip.

We're heading out shortly to see some friends for dinner. I'm going to try to convince my buddy to do the Hangover Run with me on Tuesday. Even though he's a runner, I don't think he'll want to deal with the early hour or the cold. I am looking forward to the Fun Run  and may do a short run tomorrow as well, since the Hangover isn't a race and I don't feel like I'll need to take a day to taper.


  1. Have fun! My sister will be doing a 10k in Minnesota! BRRRRRR!!

  2. Thanks - It will be cold in East Meadow, but nothing compared to MN I'm sure!

  3. Have a great run! I'll be envying you all in balmy New York!

  4. Thanks - dress warmly and good luck on the 10K.


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