Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I need a change but I don't want to tri

Today's run (street): 2.5 miles

My friend and colleague KWL participated in a sprint triathlon on Sunday and placed in the top 20% of finishers. He's training for an Olympic length triathlon that's happening in September and is being coached through a corporate program. KWL is already a strong cyclist and a naturally fast runner. Unbelievably, he only learned to swim in the last two years, but he's doing well in competition.

KWL said that I should do a triathlon but I quickly dismissed the idea because I'm a mediocre cyclist and a slow swimmer. Laughably, running would be my strongest sport of the three. I'll admit that I'm at a low point in terms of competitive motivation for running and a triathlon might be a way to restore my spirit. I'm just not that interested in swimming and biking.

I have been thinking about adding some strength training to my routine because it would probably contribute to better running performance. After looking at a full length mirror in the hotel fitness center last week, I was shocked by how skinny my legs have gotten. The muscle tone is there, but the muscle mass is missing. A little focus on building some bulk may provide a lift, both physically and mentally.

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