Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When time is short, make the workout harder

Artist's Rendering
Today's workout (treadmill): 12 minutes - 7.5% grade (average)

I usually wake up a few minutes before my alarm goes off so I was shocked to see that it was well past 4:00 AM when I opened my eyes this morning. I'd forgotten to set my alarm and slept 30 minutes later than normal. I'm sure I needed the additional rest, but it threw off my timing for today's workout.

I modified my plan so that I'd get the maximum benefit from the time that I still had. I chose the treadmill and quickly changed. I started with a moderate pace and cranked up the incline, beginning at 4 percent and moving up to 10 percent after a few minutes. I only had twelve minutes to get it done, so I wanted to make it worth the effort. By the time I completed this workout I felt like I'd pushed hard enough for it to count.

It was disappointing to miss my planned run but the incline workout proved challenging. I was pleased that I was still able to get some activity in this morning. On top of that I got some extra sleep. Always a bonus.

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