Friday, September 2, 2011

Encountering a broken path

Today's run (street & mixed terrain): 5.6 miles

Today's run took me to places where I haven't run in months. It was a nice change of scenery. I didn't go far from home but I covered a few different neighborhoods and enjoyed the minor thrill of knowing that I ran from one town to another (and back again).

I started my run by the middle school and then cut over to the business park loop that provides a decent hill challenge that's steep or gradual, depending on which direction you run it. I cut into a local neighborhood from there and saw the landscaping teams out working hard to erase any evidence that we were hit by a hurricane five days ago.

I targeted 5 miles in an attempt to grow my base for the Cow Harbor race but ended up covering more distance. Part of the reason for that was a miscalculation I'd made when I followed a main road that I knew would connect me to the neighborhood that sits directly south of mine.

Along the way my pathway degraded to the point where I was negotiating broken sidewalk, overgrown weeds and branches that had been dislodged by last weekend's storm. That section added distance and cost me speed, as I needed to be especially careful where I stepped with my Hattori's that provide very limited protection. Once I made my way out of that mess I circled the southern neighborhood and completed my route home. I won't be revisiting that route anytime soon.

It was a tough and tiring run but I was glad to have moved up my distance closer to the 6.2 miles that I'll be racing in just a few weeks. I'm not sure what workouts I'll do over the coming long weekend but the weather promises to be good. I need to work on speed so perhaps I'll visit the track tomorrow.

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