Monday, August 8, 2011

Puzzling find beneath my Hattori's

Hey, that's nowhere near my mid-foot!
I did both of my weekend runs on the treadmill and used my second pair of Hattori's that have yet to see pavement. Out of curiosity, I looked at the bottoms to see if the tread picked up a wear pattern from the belt and noticed some evidence of impact on the front medial side. That looked like I may still be pronating, even with a mid-foot strike. I also thought that it may just be belt dust that attached to the out-sole.

When I looked at my primary pair of Hattori's I was quite surprised to see that both heel pads showed clear evidence of wear towards the outside edge of the shoes. These are outdoor shoes and there's no other explanation except that I'm still pushing off the heel at some point in my strike.

This is puzzling because I know I'm landing on my mid-foot when I run in the Hattori's and the white EVA shows an imprint that supports that fact. Clearly there are two points of contact when I land and I'm guessing that I glance off the heel and then strike ahead of the arch. No too bad but not what I want. Perhaps I'll make a trip to a local running store in the next couple of weeks and ask to have my gait videoed. Even if my theory is confirmed I'm not sure if there's much I can do unless I want to go back to a lightweight stability shoe.


  1. Your analysis is confusing me. You should be striking on the outside of your foot and rolling in to absorb the shock of the impact. That's natural. Pronation in a shoe that minimal should be expected. Your heel should also be making contact with the ground a split second after your forefoot impact.

  2. I think we're saying the same thing -- I'm doing exactly as you described based on my wear indication. Does that mean I'm running correctly?

    BTW, are you running Dirty Sock this year?

  3. I don't know. I am torn. My hip has been bothering me even after 2 weeks off from running. I wanted to run it this year but it will be a day of decision. I also have a christening later that day so, that's not helping.


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