Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Here comes the Great Cow Harbor 10K

Today's run (street): 2.5 miles

Well, it's official. I'm signed up for this year's Cow Harbor race in Northport, NY. Dirty Sock is probably a more difficult race, with the high heat, oppressive humidity and variable surfaces. But with its scale and national attention, Cow Harbor looms larger. Cow Harbor is an interesting race and a fascinating experience. The course has a number of "features" that need to be understood, like the James Street hill that rises steeply over a 1K distance including a section that rises over 100 feet in less .2 of a mile.

I read yesterday that your first run after a hard race should be slow and easy to allow your muscles to repair. I took that to heart this morning and went out at a comfortable pace. It seemed to take forever to complete my route, but it only took two minutes longer than normal. With the temperature at 65 degrees, I was hardly sweating by the end. Despite that, I felt it was a beneficial workout. This weekend I'm looking to put in some long miles and spend some time on the hills. Cow Harbor is coming and I plan to be ready.

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