Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This week's Sedentary Man

This week SM talks about healthcare and its 19th century roots. His definition of trepanning reminds me of how I felt negotiating grade 5 hills this past weekend. Here's this week's column.

After a long weekend of challenging distance runs I decided to do a recovery workout on the elliptical this morning. All my aches have gone away and I'm debating whether I'll get back on the treadmill tomorrow. I'm seriously considering the headlamp and reflector vest option rather than running indoors again. Since I have neither of those items I guess I'm stuck with three options: treadmill, elliptical (again) or a rest day. I'm planning to do a city run on Friday and I want to get at least one run in before that. Oh how I wish the sun would rise at 4:00!

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