Saturday, May 21, 2016

Neighborhood run around

Old neighborhood, new directions
Today's run (street): 4.75 miles
Yesterday's run (street): 3.25 miles
Sunday's run (Bethpage): 5.1 miles

Another busy work week resulted in a zero workouts between Monday and Thursday. Last Sunday I went to Bethpage and ran along  the northern end of the bike trail from Haypath to Washington Ave and back. I worked from home yesterday and got in a surprisingly brisk run around my neighborhood. This morning I planned to meet SIOR at Massepequa Preserve for a group run, but I had an unexpected issue that delayed me from getting out early enough.

Everything worked out and I considered a number of places to run (the track, Stillwell, business park...) but ended up sticking close to home. My one  concession to routine was to run without a planned route. I picked a direction and chose lefts and rights at random. After seeing the route map on Garmin Connect, I realized that it looked pretty much like my usual pattern. What was different was the order and direction that made it seem like a different experience.

Only so many ways to cover these streets
Two years ago this weekend, me and my buddies ran the Brooklyn Half. There's no way I'd be ready to do that today. I want to start working on my base and hope to get in five or more miles tomorrow. According to the latest prediction, the weather should start to clear around 8 AM.  I may bite the bullet and go out earlier even if the rain is still coming down. Maybe I'll run at the track. If the rain gets too bad, I'll never be more than 200 meters from my car.


  1. Two years already? Today's weather was much better than when we ran!

    Base building should be our goal for summer. Let's try to build mileage by June 21. My goal is 64mpw. I already made a schedule. I can run doubles to and from Crunch which is great.

    1. I'm on board for mileage and base building. My goal is modest compared to yours: 18 mpw, which is what I was doing before I started working at CR. I didn't realize Crunch is so close to your house. Maybe it isn't so close if running back and forth will get you to 65 spw.

  2. Exactly 7 miles one way. I'll only run to and from once a week. Maybe a Monday or Friday. I am starting a run group there, too.

    1. I predict you'll eventually stop using your car and just run everywhere, like they do in the Great Rift Valley.

  3. Replies
    1. I would never make that claim. I'm basing it on empirical evidence. Cogito ergo sum. Also, gas prices are going to go up soon.


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