Sunday, February 28, 2016

Some improvement running at Bethpage

Making strides
Today's run (Bethpage trail): 5.1 miles

I'm happy to report that I was not the dog's dinner on today's run. I wanted to break away from my neighborhood and headed over to Bethpage to run the bike trail. I know I should be running 6 or more miles at least once a week to raise my base, but that hasn't been happening. I wasn't prepared to do six today, but I thought five was reasonable.

With 9 MPH winds, the real-feel temperature was 42°, although it felt much chillier. If my running jacket hadn't been ruined yesterday, I may have worn it as a top layer. I was lucky not to have that option because I heated up a lot as I progressed. By the end, I was regretting my second layer, hat and gloves.

The run went okay, but the hilly route felt ponderous. I felt a little rough throughout the first half mile and realized that I'd only covered a tenth of my targeted distance. I hoped that my aerobic engine would soon kick in. I cruised along, tolerating the ups and downs of the rolling course and dreading the mini-mountain I knew I'd need to climb at the start of my last mile.

Most of the run was at my usual speed but, near the end, I began experimenting with different pacing. I shortened my stride and increased my cadence while maintaining the same level of effort. I didn't know this at that time, but this change provided a measurable improvement in my pace.

I don't know if I can permanently adapt to this running style, but if I'm successful, I should be able to improve on my current performance. I plan to try doing it for longer periods in hopes that it will begin to feel more natural.


  1. Excellent! (Mr. Burns voice, not Spiccoli)

    There are numerous websites that will tell you exactly what to wear in specific temperatures. I feel like I told you this before. On multiple occasions.

    1. Either Burns or Spiccoli would have been acceptable. Although I now despise Sean Penn.

      I know there are websites that tell you what to wear, but I wasn't able to find the one that explained how to dress when it's 46° with 9 MPH winds and 46% humidity.

    2. If you google "what wear running", the first thing to come up is a Runner's World guide that also takes into account wind and conditions. The wind Sunday morning was negligible.

      Maybe you were looking in the wrong place for the answer. Like a Magic 8 Ball

    3. I'll have you know that the Magic 8 Ball is responsible for every major decision I've made as an adult. And Magic 8 Ball said wear gloves and a hat.


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