Saturday, October 10, 2015

Unremarkable run on a milestone post

Today's run (treadmill): 3.5 miles

It was nice to sleep later than 4:00 AM today, and my current schedule made a 5:30 wake up seem indulgent. We needed to start our Saturday early and, despite the crisp fall weather, I ended up running on the treadmill. Our morning plans limited my time and using the treadmill saved me precious minutes. I didn't mind too much because low humidity plus the high powered fans on my Life Fitness machine would keep it pleasant.

I tend to dread treadmill runs because they are the least stimulating type of running. I say that knowing how interesting it is to run a dozen 1,600 meter ovals to cover three miles on the track. Even so, the track does offer some visual distractions and provides a real sense of physical progress. Watching TV while on the treadmill can distract me for a while, but I eventually get fed up with commercials and turn it off.

Today's treadmill run was actually pretty nice. I knew I wouldn't be on that long because of my time constraint and the first mile went by faster than expected. I started at my leisurely 60 minute pace (the speed I run when I expect to stay on the treadmill for an hour or longer) but upped that incrementally until I was in the 9 minute range. It always surprises me how easily I can run faster paces when I try. It's the effort of sustaining those paces that works against me. I can do it, I just don't enjoy it.

I got through my short-for-a-Saturday run this morning with time to spare and with a higher regard for the treadmill. This unremarkable run happened to fall on the day of my 2,000th post so yay for that. Tomorrow the Runsketeers will reunite for the first time in weeks. SIOR is taking it easy after last weekend's marathon in St. George, UT, and TPP nailed 2nd in her age group at this morning's Ceder Creek Duathlon. Even with their recovery top of mind, I'll still be hard pressed to keep up with them.


  1. You get up at 4am every day? Is it because you need all that time to do your makeup and pick out your clothes? That's nutty! And then waking up at 5:30 on a Saturday? Are you secretly training to be an Olympic figure skater?

    1. Yes, that's it. You think "this" just happens?? Since I try to get to my office by 7 AM and my commute can be longer than 2 hours, 4:00 AM isn't so crazy. Is 5:30 so early to wake up on a Saturday? I suppose it would be if I was up past after midnight on Friday's like some people I know.

  2. Hey, wait a minute. I wake up at 5:30 every morning.. even on the weekends! Consistency keeps you healthy, IMO.
    Excited for tomorrow! I'll be up at 5:30!

    1. You tell her TPP! feel the same way about consistency. Sometimes I'm more tired if I sleep late.

      See you a little later!


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