Friday, August 28, 2015

ShoeKicker finds finds running shoe bargains
Today's run (street): 3.5 miles

Back to the run today. I've been non-stop all week at work and getting home a little later than I'd like. Due to that, I wasn't able to fit in a workout last night. This morning I kicked off my weekend of running with a few loops around the neighborhood. The humidity was down, my energy was up and I thought I was really hammering my last mile. No such luck, but it was my fastest of the day.

Our plans this weekend may interfere with both my running and blogging so I'm glad I got out today. If I have time, I'll continue my search for my next pair of running shoes. The guy behind a new site and web app called ShoeKicker contacted me recently. That was timely, since I'm in the market for a new trainers.

ShoeKicker is a clever idea. Put in the shoe that you want to buy, plus your size and gender, and it quickly returns the best price on the web. There's a button to take you directly to the lowest offer, along with alternative sites that sell the shoe. The feedback I gave him was to add more capabilities to the site to bring people back more frequently. I also think it would be good for the app to provide some contextual information to help educate the user or provide an opportunity to price alternative models.

I miss the (defunct) Runners World shoe app and ShoeKicker could be a good, modern alternative. It has a clean design, easy to use interface and tells you how much you save in fun non-monitory terms. Dave, the guy behind the site, seems very interested in providing the best possible experience to his users. Check it out. Once I decide on my next shoe, I'll probably use the site to buy them.


  1. This is the third blog in recent weeks promoting Shoekicker. I definitely try it when I'm in the market after this marathon cycle. How is it that the creator came to contact you exactly? Only one person contacts me regarding my blog. Take a wild guess who that is. I'll give you a hint. You share a birthday.

    1. Is it James Franco? He has the same birthday as me.

      I tag my posts with key subjects so my stuff is fairly easy to find when people search the web for those terms. I also get emails from people via editor(at) That's how I heard from ShoeKicker.

      Maybe you should put a contact email on SIOR (i.e., create one like SIOR(at)gmail...).

    2. I'm going to tag my posts with key subjects like "I accept free merchandise" and "Pay me".


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