Saturday, June 6, 2015

Four mile marathon

Good airflow doesn't help boredom
Today's run (treadmill): 4 miles

What's the difference between running a marathon and running four miles on a treadmill? Today there was no difference. Despite stacking the deck in my favor as much as I could, I struggled to get through the workout. I knew it would be humid, so I opened up windows at both ends of the room and positioned the big fan to maximize air flow. Despite that preparation, it was a slog from start to finish.

I wish I could turn off the mental tedium when I'm on the treadmill, but I can't. The TV doesn't help. Music doesn't help. Only stopping helps. I tried to focus on something else besides the mileage display. Hundredths of a mile ticked by slowly and I self-bargained my original target of five miles down to four to retain my sanity. I always tell myself in these circumstances, "Every run ends, and this one will too." And not a moment too soon.

Hoop dreams
My project for the afternoon was to assemble a new basketball set to replace the one we have that has a smashed backboard. My son is getting taller and stronger and sometimes doesn't know his own strength. The new system has a shatterproof backboard and shock absorbing springs to guard against aggressively energetic teens. It's great that we have these features, but it made it a greater challenge to put together than the old set.

My son and I plowed through the numerous stages of assembly. It got a bit complex at times. We were into our third hour when we needed to enlist my wife and daughter to help lift and position the unit while I connected the height adjustment assembly. In all, it took over four hours to complete, but my daughter (who's the primary user of the basketball hoop) really appreciated it. That made it all worth it.

As hard as my treadmill run felt, I think putting together the basketball pole and backboard was harder. I was glad to add what amounted to an upper body workout to my day, although I'm concerned that I may have put too much pressure on my lower back. I'm not experiencing any sciatica, but I'm concerned about how I'll feel in the morning. Unless I'm really hurting, I'll be out tomorrow morning for a run. I've had enough of treadmill running for now.


  1. If you move one of the hoops across the yard, you can have a bona fide basketball game.

    1. ER Jr. really really wanted to do that but it was voted down by Mrs. ER.


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