Wednesday, January 29, 2014

History shows that January is treadmill month

Today's run (treadmill) 3.25 miles

Today has been an interesting day, due to an odd combination of business and non-business related happenings. Amidst this jumble, I managed to work in a treadmill run. Although the roads are fairly clear, we saw snow overnight that made street running dangerous and sidewalk running impossible.

I've been somewhat frustrated by this January's weather that has forced me off the road and onto the treadmill so often. I looked at Garmin Connect and was a little surprised to see that 70% of my runs this year have been indoors. Curiously, a search of last January showed that I did the same percentage of treadmill runs in 2013. That made me feel slightly better.

The good news about frequent use of the treadmill is that it eventually becomes a manageable routine. I've found myself getting more comfortable with the different cadence and a more restricted stride. It's always a good workout and a safer way to get my miles than the road these days. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I'm liking these workouts, but I have started to appreciate them.


  1. I think it is awesome that you have still been running all month even on the treadmill. I started the year sick but I have lost my mojo and that is bad because I leave for Ragnar in 7 days!! 13.1 miles at one half marathon is all I have run in January!!!

    1. I always say that the treadmill is a necessary evil! Sorry that you were sick, hope you're feeling better these days. I'm sure the Ragner will make up for any short mileage in January. Which one are you doing?

    2. Miami to Key West!! 80 degrees which is fine but the humidity is through the roof :( I am still pretty exited!!

  2. She's going to Florida! I hope the weather is beautiful for her. That will certainly inspire!

  3. I love the concept but don't love the idea of spending two days living in a van : )


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