Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Oh, possum! A return to the road

Today's run (street): 4.3 miles

Today was my first run since Saturday, when I suffered through a few miles with a pounding headache. A couple of day's rest followed and I felt I was ready to head out again this morning. We're supposed to get some very cold weather by Christmas day, but News 12 was showing 34° when I went outside this morning. That temperature was misleading because the wind chill took that down another ten degrees.

The freezing wind made running north uncomfortable and caused my eyes to water. I followed a different route than usual, cutting around the middle school before reconnecting to my local roads. Even though Christmas Eve day isn't a holiday, it was very quiet throughout my neighborhood. I enjoyed the lack of cars and especially the lack of school buses.

Two day's rest and recovery from my headache should have provided some extra energy, but it only helped get me through the run. After a while I got used to the cold and I settled into my stride feeling a little stronger. My reverie was disrupted when I came upon a dead possum laying in the road. I gingerly sidestepped that horrific scene that resembled a gray feather duster with a pale pink tail.

The rest of my run was marsupial-free and I ended up covering 4.3 miles, the longest I've run since the the GLIRC event I did with my friends on the 14th. I'm looking forward to getting out tomorrow morning when it's likely to be even quieter. It's supposed to be chilly and possibly even snowy on Wednesday, so I'll need to plan accordingly. A run at Stillwell may be a nice place to spend the morning.


  1. Brrr...It went down to 70 today and I was complaining...

    1. How quickly we adapt! You should be happy to know you are missing 20° temps today. Enjoy that weather while you can : )

  2. Replies
    1. When I came upon it, I remembered that you'd had an encounter or two with dead possums on a run. Now I'm part of the club. Yay!

  3. Congrats on your 4 miler! I love when I can and do run longer that planned! It's very cold this morning.. I'm thinking about waiting until later to run again..

  4. I'm thinking the same. Trying to decide between the quiet morning streets and warmer afternoon temps. My wife just made pancakes so I think the run will have to wait...


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