Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stalling for time, but getting it done

Well, I did finally run
Today's run (Street): 3.9 miles

For no good reason, I just couldn't get myself out the door this morning. I finally did, but it wasn't for lack of stalling. I knew that every minute I spent taking care of "just one more thing", it was getting warmer outside. And yet I found plenty of distractions that kept me from starting my run before 11:00 AM.

We had a family dinner last night and got home late, but I still got up fairly early. I got right into  work and that delayed me from focusing on my run plan. I usually prepare my gear while my wife starts her treadmill run, and get back home around the time she's finishing up. I knew I was in trouble when I heard the treadmill's motor slowing for her cool-down while I wasted more time. At that point, I considered taking a rest day. Somehow, I found myself getting dressed for a run.

The run itself felt a little harder than yesterday's, and I wondered if I should allow myself a break with an easy recovery run. But I was committed to the tougher option, so I focused once again on my speed. I mixed up my route and even added an extra half mile to get closer to four miles today. In the end, I did good, but not great. The important thing is that I ended up getting the run in. Even if it took a while to get out the door.


  1. Often for me, just getting committed to head out for the run is half the battle (or more). Once I commit, I tend to get testy about any little delays to actually starting running. Not necessarily a good thing when trying to corral two small children and my wife out the door to the gym.

  2. I rely on guilt to keep committed and I have to say it works really well. There's never a doubt I'm going to run, but the longer I wait, the harder it is to get out the door.

    I give you credit for getting out to the gym. I think running out the door right into the neighborhood is a saving grace for me.


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