Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What's depriving me from better running

By the way, today is National Running Day!
Today's run (treadmill): 25 minutes

I usually take two days off after a race to allow my leg muscles to properly recover. It may be due to my mindset about Sunday's 8K that I didn't follow tradition and skip yesterday's run. I felt like my post race plan didn't warrant the usual rest, because it was a C- effort on my part. I initially congratulated myself for toughing it out and finishing with a respectable time, but the experience was disappointing. The only thing that made it special was having my family with me.

Yesterday's run was good, as is typical after a bad run and a day of resting. This morning I opted for a treadmill workout so I could get started and finished more quickly. That left a little more time to rest before starting my day. I ran fine but without much enthusiasm. My only goal was to finish and check the "workout done" box.

Runner's World tweet this morning: "Chronically sleep deprived? It will impact your running. Try for 8 hours/night." I had to laugh because 8 hours is roughly the amount of sleep I get over two nights. I wish I could do an experiment comparing my running performance after I sleep for 8 hours a night for two weeks. I'm certain there would be measurable improvement. If only I had the time to do that.


  1. I saw that tweet myself. I too average about 4 hours a night during the work week going to bed at 11 and get up at 3AM to run at 3:20 AM for 5 miles before catching the 4:52 out of Massapequa to Penn!

    I For me to get 8 hours of sleep I would have to go to bed at 7:00 PM! Right! My kids would be laughing at me!

  2. Your time management is much better than mine! I start my run a little before 4:00 AM but I'm not on a train until 6:20. And I generally cap those runs at 2.5 miles. I'll admit that I gain a little extra sleep on the train.

  3. So nice to see another early morning runner like myself!

    I too catch a nap on the train.

    Usually I am too amped up from the run to nap right away but nod off around Jamaica.


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