Saturday, October 1, 2011

Better late than never

Today's run (street): 3.3 miles 

We're back in Long Island after a couple of fun days on the Cape. I'd considered a repeat run on the Shining Sea Bikeway before we headed out, but Falmouth was engulfed in wind and rain. I figured I'd get in a run when we got home, if time allowed.

Although I far prefer to run in the morning, I sometimes consider going out for a few miles in the afternoon but rarely after 4:00 PM. In terms of performance, I tend to run better later in the day, but I don't enjoy the experience very much.

At 3:30 the skies were clear, with enough cloud cover to allow me to go out without sunglasses. I wore my Brooks for my planned easy run, but for some reason I went out fairly fast. I soon realized that my pace was too quick and I took down my speed after about a half a mile. I didn't feel like I was running all that well, but I was doing this workout more for fitness than for performance training.

I settled into a rhythm and toughed out my my goal distance of 5K. When I got close to my house, I saw my wife and daughter driving down the street where I was running. It was fun to see them because, after hundreds of times, it was the first time they'd seen me running in the neighborhood.

Even though it felt more like a plod than a run, I ended up pacing in the mid-9's. I'm sure that had to do with the time of day. I'd like to finish the long weekend with a trail run tomorrow morning. I'm hoping I run better when I get on the trails.

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