Monday, October 25, 2010

Good timing for my weekly rest day

As energetic as I was on Sunday morning, today I am very much the opposite. Last night I began experiencing slight cold symptoms and a decided lack of energy. I'm hoping it's a quick cold and not the flu. After my bout with pneumonia in January I don't dismiss concern that easily. I didn't bank any sleep over the weekend so it could be weakness due to lack of rest. I put in some decent mileage over the last few days but I doubt that would wear me out to this degree. As expected, my calves are aching after finally getting over the shock of running up the James Street hill on Saturday. My office schedule is tight today so I need to get through that. Tomorrow morning I have to give a talk to an industry group and I'm concerned about losing my voice before then. I'll rely on lots of coffee, my time-proven  miracle drug, to get me through the workday. I'm hoping to be back to the road tomorrow,

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