Thursday, April 15, 2010

A little Sole and a lot of X1

My BH Fitness X-1

Today's workout: Treadmill and elliptical, 26 minutes

I haven't been on the elliptical for a while so I thought I'd return to using it this morning for a change of pace. I prefer running over most other workout options but I also recognize the benefits of cross training. The elliptical, with its no impact motion, along with some upper body resistance, provides a good workout. As a bonus, it's user powered so it operates fairly quietly compared to other gym equipment. As I prepared for my session I couldn't ignore our Sole F63 treadmill that now operates correctly since a technician realigned the belt and replaced the motor last week. I had not used the machine since this work was done so I was a little curious to re-experience running on the now-stable unit. I decided to run for about five minutes, just to confirm that the belt slipping had truly been cured. I hit the 6 MPH button and started running, edging the speed up to about 6.7 after a minute. The treadmill worked fine but I wasn't enjoying the experience at all. Unlike my wife who is able to focus daily for 45 minutes on this machine I could not wait to stop. No matter, with all the rain we're expecting this weekend I'll likely be spending a lot more time on it in the coming days.

After about five minutes I switched over to the elliptical, setting the resistance to generate 75 watts (medium high) and starting at a fairly fast pace. The treadmill warm-up helped me get to speed quickly and I continued for about 21 minutes. I've said before that the elliptical provides a deceptively effective workout. It doesn't seem as hard as running but the sweat index is often greater. I've compared my heart rate between a treadmill run and an elliptical session (of the same perceived level of effort) and noticed running definitely provides a more elevated pulse rate. Different benefits and different effects. That's why we cross train. I'm due to run in the city tomorrow with a friend (weather permitting) and I have a Central Park run scheduled with another friend, CK, on Tuesday. That walk in Central Park on Monday made me wish I was running that run/bike loop. Next week I'll finally get to do it.


  1. Cross Training can be fun as you experience different heights of momentum. I love the elliptical machine as it does provide upper body resistance. Best wishes on your run tomorrow and the Central Park weather permitting. BTW, I have found some trails after researching and getting out there. Less than 10 miles from home too. I have a new post which I am sure you will enjoy on it. lol. Check it out. I found out also that I am not far from the Appalachian Trail via the Tuckahoe Camp. I spoke to a neighbor there and he okayed me to cut through his back yard to get to it. WhoooHoooo! I am truly on the road to trails now.

  2. Glad you are hitting the trails. It's great that you live so close to the AT. Sorry about your experience with the running club. That's been one the reasons I've been reluctant to join one.

  3. Why not run in the rain?

  4. We agreed to run in light drizzle but we're postponing if it's coming down harder than that. I don't want to look like a wet dog during my afternoon meetings!


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